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The Introvert Tea Inspired by Wes Anderson, Cats, introverts

The Introvert Tea Inspired by Wes Anderson, Cats, introverts

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Sometimes... being out in the world can be.. well... TOO MUCH! Curl up with this tea and a book.. and your cats :) Our award winning tea selections are known the world over for quality, taste and enjoyment. We love Wes Anderson movies.... Who doesn't Love a delightful cup of tea? These Glass Jars make a wonderful gift and are the perfect addition to a floral or gift basket, wedding favors, Mother's Day or as part of a self care ritual! Enjoy them daily like we do-- this line is great in oddity shops, vintage victorian and gothic stores, bookshops. The jar itself is 4.4 in x 1.175in w x 2.709in h--- the weight of the tea is depending on the density of the tea.


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