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Nucked! 2 More Misadventures with the Idora Park Experience Ninjas

Nucked! 2 More Misadventures with the Idora Park Experience Ninjas

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  If you read the first “Nucked! Misadventures with The Idora Park Experience Ninjas”, then you know you are in for a wild ride as you join us and our ninja, Nuck, on more hilarious misadventures hunting down Idora Park artifacts. You’ll meet some new outrageous characters (who may even resemble people you’ve experienced in your life) and encounter some far-fetched situations that may even be true. After all, this is a memoir… Sort of.

     If you didn’t read the first “Nucked!” book, then you will have a lot of questions that we can’t even begin to answer in these few paragraphs. But here are the basics: 

     1.  Idora Park was an amusement park in Youngstown, Ohio (1899–1984). It died as a result of injuries sustained in a devastating fire in April 1984, and from complications of a crashed Rust-Belt economy.

     2.  For about 30 years we have been collecting artifacts from Idora Park. What started with small inconsequential items morphed into a mission to save whatever we could find from Idora Park, regardless of where we had to go or what we had to go through to get it… well almost.

     3.  In 2012 Jim began posting stories on social media about our misadventures collecting the artifacts. As of the writing of this book we have more than 20,000 people who follow our misadventures online.

     4.  Somewhere along the way we acquired a 3’-3” broken-English speaking knucklehead ninja we named Nuck (short for knucklehead), and promptly began getting regularly “nucked” by the knucklehead… Hence the title of both books (…so far).

     5.  In April 2014, 30 years after the fire that took down Idora Park, we had the first public opening of our museum of Idora Park artifacts. We had more than 1,000 people attend that first opening and have had as many as 2,500 in a single weekend opening since then. (Our local government limits us to opening only a few days a year.)

     6.  In 2019 we wrote the book “Lost Idora Park” published by Arcadia Publishing and it is considered a success and top seller in its market. But the number one question we got was when we were going to write the book with the stories of our adventures (like Jim does on social media).

     7.  In 2021 we wrote “Nucked! Misadventures with The Idora Park Experience Ninjas”. It received outstanding reviews and readers once again asked for more… 

So here we are… More...

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