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Monopoly The 1980's Edition

Monopoly The 1980's Edition

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2 to 8 players      Play time: 60-90 minutes


Advance to Go and let the memories flow!

Designed exactly like the version you remember from your own childhood, this quality Monopoly® set lets you revisit some of your favorite memories while creating new memories with your own kids.

Inside you'll find the most beloved features, including the traditional bi-fold gameboard, a full-size money tray, the same green houses and red hotels, your favorite game tokens, and all the cards, deeds and money that once made you feel like the richest kid in the world! Authentic rules of play are included too.

Finally, it's time for a new generation to inherit that wealth of fun with Monopoly The 1980s Edition.


  • Fond memories will spring to life, with family and friends, when you play Monopoly® The 1980s Edition. Advance to Go and enjoy!
  • This version uses all the original artwork and original street colors that we remember. Most importantly, this game includes all the Classic Tokens!!
  • Play with classic game rules: Try to buy up the most property and force your opponents into bankruptcy!
  • Game box includes: Bi-fold gameboard, silver-toned game tokens, 2 dice, plastic houses and hotels, plastic money tray, Community Chest and Chance cards, title deeds, pad of Monopoly® money and rules.
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