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Laffy Taffy Mystery Rope .81oz

Laffy Taffy Mystery Rope .81oz

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We know, we know: Laffy Taffy flavors are all so good! If you can't decide on your favorite -- or you just love them all -- try 2 Flavor Mystery Swirl Laffy Taffy Ropes! Each wrapper contains one rope of Laffy Taffy in two juicy flavors, swirled together -- and no one knows what flavors you'll get. If you love a mystery -- and the soft texture and long-lasting chew of sweet, tart Laffy Taffy -- you'll love Laffy Taffy Rope 2 Flavor Mystery Swirl.

Each wrapper even has not one but two light-hearted jokes written by little kids who send them in to the company. They may not be LOL funny but they might earn a wry smile. What's the owl's favorite subject in school? Owlgebra. See, you smiled a little there, didn't you?

Kosher Certified Parve

Made in the USA


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