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Hotlix Larvets, Assorted Flavor Box 5.6g

Hotlix Larvets, Assorted Flavor Box 5.6g

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Yes, worms for your snacking enjoyment in three mouth-watering flavors: BBQ, Cheddar Cheese, and Mexican Spice. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and dirt, experience the amazing taste sensation of roasted larvae.... just kidding about the dirt.... these are very clean larvae, except of the sprinkling of spices.

Display box contains 24 packs of Larvets Dried Larva Snacks.

Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs. Made in the USA.

1. You'll give people something new to say about California besides that it's the state of fruit and nuts!
2. Your entomologist friends will think you've learned how to cook.
3. "Tastes like Chicken" will have new meaning.
4. You don't have to drink a whole bottle of tequila to get to the worm!
5. BBQ, Cheddar Cheese, and Mexican Spice LARVETS make great party food!


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