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efrutti Gummi Donuts Share Bags 2oz

efrutti Gummi Donuts Share Bags 2oz

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Each bag contains small gummi candy donuts in a fruit flavor.

These little doughnut gummies are incredibly tasty! 

Each delicious donut is topped with little gummy rings with pink and blue "frosting."

Gummi Sweets is known for creating unique, high-quality gummy candy. 

Efrutti created the novelty Mini Burger, Hot Dog, and Gummi Pizzas; their innovation and creativity is what sets them apart from the crowd. 

These small donut gummies are scrumptious and intended to be enjoyed! Go solo or bring your gang, either way, you are in for an experience. Blue and pink "frosting" on delicious small gummy sweets shaped like doughnuts.


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