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Chuckles Bar - 2oz

Chuckles Bar - 2oz

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It’s no joke! Chuckles are some of the best candies around. These chewy “bars” are actually a neat little row of five bite-sized jelly nuggets, all dusted with sugar and each in a unique fruit flavor! They’re perfectly poppable little chunks of pure bliss. You can share them with friends or bite them in half and stick them back together again to make up your own flavor combinations. If you’ve got a lot of self-control you can even eat one piece at the end of each day of the work week (how’s that for a sweet reward?). However you choose to enjoy them, chuckles are fun and fruity, so they’ll definitely become one of your favorites!

Flavors: Lime, Lemon, Cherry, Orange, and Licorice

Made in the USA


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