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Beemans Gum - 5 Stick Pack

Beemans Gum - 5 Stick Pack

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Beemans Chewing Gum is back! After being discontinued several years ago, this adored nostalgic gum has returned to the scene, with the same wintergreen flavor you'll remember.

Beemans was created by Dr. Edwin Beeman, an Ohio physician, who was a specialist in digestive disorders. He mixed pepsin, an indigestion reliever, with chicle (gum), and introduced Beemans Pepsin Gum.

Beemans was also popular with pilots, including Chuck Yeager, the first human to break the sound barrier, as it aided with stomach agitation, ear pressure, and keeping the mouth moist.

Each pack contains 5 sticks of gum.

Note: Packaging may vary.

Made in Morocco


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