Here's a tent you can't miss at the Canfield Fair!

Here's a tent you can't miss at the Canfield Fair!

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) -A tent at the Canfield Fair is sure to take you down Memory Lane.

Vivid colors. Blues, reds, grays–t-shirts stacked from the ground to 8 feet high, and they all have familiar designs: Pez, Double Bubble, Good Humor, which was started in Youngstown, and more.

Linda Barton started Sweet Memories Vintage Tees in 2020, the same year that Good Humor was celebrating its anniversary.

“When I reached out to them, I was like who is designing your novel t-shirt line for your 100-year anniversary? They said we’ve never had a t-shirt line. I’m like, I’ll do it!” Barton said.

Barton got the exclusive license to put the logo on a t-shirt that year. The tees also recognize that Good Humor started America’s first ice cream truck.

She then got the rights for Dum-Dums, then Popsicle, and the business was off and running. She wanted it to have a social component and give back.

“I chose Akron Children’s Hospital because they took care of my daughter really well and she was in the hospital when she was younger,” Barton said.

Barton’s daughter Gwendolynn had MRSA when she was younger and stayed at Akron Children’s main campus for two weeks. Now, she’s working alongside mom at the fair.

Each t-shirt goes for $24.99 and $5 goes to charity.

“One of those infant beds costs $40,000, starting at $40,000. So, I figured if my brand can sell 8,000 shirts a year, it’s like my company is contributing one baby bed to the NICU clinic,” Barton said.

Barton raised $12,000 last year. Her Packard t-shirts benefit the museum. And the military ones benefit a service organization. All the shirts are designed and screened in Girard. The t-shirt, logo and cause can all put a smile on your face.

“It’s that nostalgia. It’s that warm, fuzzy feeling that you get when you look at you know, thinking about going down and getting ice cream with you know, grandpa or whatever. It just creates a lot of memories,” Barton said.

It also makes shirts with Dots, Tootsie Roll, Sweethearts and Charms Blow Pops to name a few. You’ll find something for sure. The tent is on Bishop Street at the fair.

Barton is opening a retail t-shirt shop and candy store in Girard in a couple of months. You can reach Sweet Memories Vintage Tees at 330-759-3500.

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