Business Journal Daily // New Dawn Design Brings Good Humor to T-Shirts

Monday, January 20, 2020 | 

While she was growing up, Linda Barton lived in and loved her concert T-shirts. Now, the CEO of New Dawn Design – with an exclusive contract with Unilever in hand – is printing the history of a popular ice cream brand on her shirts.

Through her Sweet Memories Vintage Tee Designs side company, Barton is honoring the 100-year anniversary of Good Humor with T-shirts printed with vintage advertisement designs. Combining T-shirts and familiar brands can start conversations and bring people together in the community, she says.

Sweet Memories is Barton’s exclusive line of vintage T-shirts, she says. She got the idea to launch the brand while searching for Good Humor shirts for herself after learning of the brand’s centennial this year, she says.

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