1976 Tootsie Roll® Whatever I See History & Inspo

1976 Tootsie Roll® Whatever I See History & Inspo

Don't date yourself but do you remember the 1976 nostalgic Tootsie Roll® commercial? The commercial was recorded in New York City and starred the voice of a 9-year old little girl, Rebecca Jane, she was coined the "Tootsie Roll girl." The commercial aired on television for more than 30 years, typically during Saturday morning cartoons More than thirty years on air helped make it among one of the longest running commercials in television history. The most recent airing of the commercial was in 2006 special on the "Food Network." 

Our SMVT team has come up with a creation from the vintage Tootsie Roll® commercial and catchy song but all wrapped up in one design on a soft style tee. Check out our Vintage Tootsie Roll® Whatever I See graphic tee here!

Watch the Everything I Think I See Commercial on Tootsie Roll®'s YouTube channel. 

Material for our "Whatever I See" blog post courtesy of: Wayback Machine and Tootsie Roll website.

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