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Good Humor Tees the Iconic Brand makes a Fashion Statement

Looking for something fun, fashionable, nostalgic, and unique? Check out these Good Humor T-shirts. Yes you heard it right! The iconic ice cream brand: Good Humor has launched apparel and everyone is talking about it.


Good Humor is not only an iconic national brand, but it's also a staple to Youngstown and the full state of Ohio. To honor its 100th-year celebration, Sweet Memories Vintage Tees by New Dawn Design created this clothing line to celebrate its history and impact on American culture. 

You can wear a Good Humor t-shirt any day of the week, plus it makes a perfect gift for any ice cream enthusiast. Screen printed on soft, high-quality poly-cotton, Good Humor T-shirts do not shrink in the washing machine or dryer. These tee’s are built to last. 


Good Humor Brand has a full archive of nostalgic designs that, until this year, have been sweet-sweet memories. Iconic logos, huge throwbacks, reminiscence images, and more. Now you can capture the nostalgia with these extra fashionable tees.

All the following Good Humor T-shirts are officially licensed by Good Humor, printed in the USA.


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