An Ohio brand, Dum-Dums®

An Ohio brand, Dum-Dums®

The original pops by Dum Dums® are dubbed to be "The World's Best Pops," which has inspired us to created the world's best Dum Dums® designs to represent the iconic brand from Ohio.

Dum-Dums were originated by Akron Candy Co., Bellevue, Ohio, in 1924. I.C. Bahr, the early sales manager of the company, named the ball-shaped candy on a stick and figured Dum-Dums was an easy name for children to say and remember.

Spangler Candy purchased Dum-Dums in 1953 from Akron Candy and moved the operation to Bryan, Ohio where the famous pops are still made today.

Dum-Dums is now one of the most recognized brands in candy.  They're found in the homes of families across the U.S. and trusted by millions of small businesses who treat their customers with these delicious little pops.

Material for our "An Ohio brand, Dum-Dums®" blog post courtesy of: the Spangler Candy Company- DumDums® website.

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