A Sweethearts® History

A Sweethearts® History

In the 1860s, Daniel Chase was the first to print sayings on candy hearts. Daniel was the brother of Oliver Chase, the founding father of the candy manufacturer NECCO. Daniel invented a machine that pressed a felt roller pad moistened with red vegetable coloring against a printing dye which would stamp the sayings on the hearts. The printed hearts were originally shared at parties and weddings.

The Sweethearts® brand was finally created in 1902. Sayings such as "Be Mine," "Kiss Me," and "Be Good" are among some of the original hearts sayings that are still popular today. Throughout the decades, Sweethearts® became trendy and started printing sayings like "Fax Me" in the early 90s and progressed with modern technology to printing sayings such as "Text Me" in the more recent times. 

Material for our "A Sweethearts® History" blog post courtesy of: the Spangler website.

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