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Pilot Knob Microwaveable Popcob Kits

Pilot Knob Microwaveable Popcob Kits

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  • CRUNCHY POPCORN: Hearty microwavable popping corn on the cob with a bold flavor burst in every crunchy handful.
  • TASTIER AND HEALTHIER: Rustically natural red popcorn kernels offer a richer taste than standard yellow or white types, settling in for a naturally healthy, low carb treat with a bold, nutty flavor.
  • NON-GMO: Healthy popcorn snacks with a fantastic quality product from a great brand, harvesting comfort for generations from our sustainable family farm to your kitchen.
  • QUALITY AND FLAVOR: Enjoy the consistent quality of our flavorful red popcorn kernels delicious great-tasting, No-fuss hull-less heirloom variety popcorn keeps smiles bright, no toothpicks required because we grow the best popcorn.
  • SNACK TIME: Pop up a bowl of new memories and snack time satisfaction with big flavor and low carbs which makes you happy and add more excitement to your party, movie night, kitchen, festivals or even the quick on-the-go snack.


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