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Curious George Tin Kaleidoscope

Curious George Tin Kaleidoscope

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The classic kaleidoscope with a curious twist! Just hold the Curious George Tin Kaleidoscope up to the light and twist the bottom. The colorful, multi-shaped beads inside will unfold a new coloration with each twist. It’s made with real metal and has the look and feel of a timeless tin toy. Beautifully decorated with classic Curious George designs.


• The classic tin Kaleidoscope featuring Curious George, the world’s most beloved monkey, whose adventures have been delighting children for generations

• Each turn creates a magical, intricate and iridescent mosaic that will dazzle and delight every child

• Made of metal for a timeless tin toy feel

• Beautifully decorated with art taken directly from the book series

• Entertaining, fosters creativity and imagination

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